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Scientific Staff

Employee Name Designation Contact no. Email
Dr. M.Ravi Kumar Director General 079-66739001 dg-isr[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr.Sumer Chopra Director 079-66739002 sumerchopra[at]isr[dot]res[res]in
Dr. K.M.Rao Scientist D 079-66739033 kmrao[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Santosh Kumar Scientist.D 079-66739023 santoshkumar[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr.Pallabee Choudhury Scientist C 079-66739015 pallabee[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Kapil Mohan Scientist C 079-66739013 kmohan[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Madan Mohan Rout Scientist C 079-66739046 madan[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. B.Sairam Scientist B 079-66739018 sairam[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. A.P.Singh Scientist B 079-66739020 apsingh[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Ms. Jyoti Sharma Scientist B 079-66739019 sharmajyoti[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Perugu Mahesh Scientist B 079-66739015 pmahesh[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Pavankumar Gaytri Scientist B 079-66739043 gayatripavan[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. G.C.Kothyari Scientist B 079-66739017 girishkothyari[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Rakesh Dumka Scientist B 079-66739016 rkdumka[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Falguni Bhattacharya Scientist B 079-66739017 falguni[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr.G.Srijayanthi Scientist B 079-66739035 srijayanthi[dot]india[at]
Dr.Rajeev Kumar Yadav Scientist B 079-66739016 yadavrk[dot]bhu[at]
Mr. M.S.B.S.Prasad Scientist B 079-66739019 msbsprasad[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Dr.V.V.Pancholi Scientist B 079-66739012 vasupancholi[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Shri.Ketan Singha Roy Scientist B 079-66739019 ketansinghroy[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Siddharth Prizomwala Scientist B 079-66739037 prizomwala[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr.Chinmay Haldar Scientist B 079-66739019 chinmay[dot]haldar[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Dr. Archana Das Scientist B 079-66739048 archanadas[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mrs. Vishwa Joshi Scientist B 079-66739019 vishwajoshi[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Tarun Solanki Sr. Geologist 079-66739037 t.solanki[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Naveen Kumar Sharma Sr. Geophysicist 079-66739013 nsharma[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Alla Sateesh Sr. Geophysicist 079-66739015 allasatish[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mrs. Vandana Patel Sr. Geophysicist 079-66739000 vandna139[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Vinay Kumar Dwivedi Sr. Geologist 079-66739012 geovinay[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Peush Chaudhary Geophysicist 079-66739013 peush[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Sushanta Kumar Sahoo Geophysicist 079-66739011 sushantageo[dot]sahoo[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. C. Prasanna Simha Geophysicist 079-66739019 cpsimha[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Avinash Kumar Chauhan Sr. Geophysicist 079-66739011 avinash[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Nisarg Makwana Geologist 079-66739037 nisargmakwana21[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Mehul Nagar Geophysicist 079-66739013 mehul[dot]gp[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in
Mr. Mayank Dixit Geophysicist 079-66739020 mayankdixit[at]isr[dot]res[dot]in


Detailed geophysical and geological investigations to identify copper lead and zinc mineralization around Ambaji, Banaskantha district are in progress.

ISR has initiated a project on imaging the shallow subsurface of the Kachchh district for delineation of ground water aquifers and fresh water-saline water interface.