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Active Tectonics

Core competence

Crustal deformation, GPS geodesy, Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology, Quaternary Geology, palaeo tsunami, Remote Sensing, OSL Dating.

Significant contributions

  • Establishment of a network of 22 GPS stations for long-term earthquake hazard assessment due to different geological faults of Gujarat.
  • Long-term average uplift rates of South vagad fault, central Kachchh mainland fault and eastern Katrol hill fault.
  • First evidence of bounder sized palaeo tsunami deposits from Diu Island, western India.
  • Geological evidence of a 2m higher (than present) sea level along the Kachchh coast,during the middle Holocene period.

Current pursuits

  • Reconstructing high energy marine events from Gujarat coast from last 6000 years.
  • Active fault studies in western Segment of Kachchh mainland fault and Gedi Fault.
  • Active fault mapping of Soan Dun between Bias and Satluj river basin Himalachal Himalaya.
  • Aggradational-Incisional phases in the Fluvial sequences of Southern Saurashtra: Implications for Sea level / Tectonic forcings during the Late Quaternary.
  • Documentation of aqueous and paraglacial features in and around equatorial region of Mars.
  • Estimation of ongoing deformation along Katrol Hill Fault (KHF) in the central part of Kachchh using GPS.
  • Continuous monitoring of crustal deformation in Gujarat using GPS.
  • Identification of progressively growing crustal strain zones along MCT in Uttarakhand Himalaya using GPS.
  • Geodynamic profiling along KMF.


Dr.Pallabee Choudhury (PI)

Dr. Girish Kothyari

Dr Rakesh Dumka

Dr Falguni Bhattacharjee

Dr Siddarth Prizonwala

Dr. Archana Das

Mr.Tarun Solanki

Mr. Nisarg Makwana

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Yadav


Detailed geophysical and geological investigations to identify copper lead and zinc mineralization around Ambaji, Banaskantha district are in progress.

ISR has initiated a project on imaging the shallow subsurface of the Kachchh district for delineation of ground water aquifers and fresh water-saline water interface.