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  • Seismic data analysis centre (SeiDAC) to monitor seismicity of the Gujarat State and the Narmada Dam areas, near real time, using a network of 60 broadband seismographs and 54 strong motion accelerographs.
  • Seismic microzonation and site specific seismic hazard to provide seismic factor for earthquake-resistant designing of low to high-rise buildings in different areas.
  • Geotechnical laboratory comprising consolidation testing machine, cyclic cum static triaxial testing machine, electronic direct shear apparatus, rapid moisture meter, for different lab and on-site tests.
  • Optically Stimulated Luminescence laboratory for dating of sediments.
  • Geochemical laboratory consisting of fully automated X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and X-ray diffraction analyser.


Detailed geophysical and geological investigations to identify copper lead and zinc mineralization around Ambaji, Banaskantha district are in progress.

ISR has initiated a project on imaging the shallow subsurface of the Kachchh district for delineation of ground water aquifers and fresh water-saline water interface.