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Near Real Time Seismology

Core competence

Seismicity monitoring, Modeling earthquake source processes, Seismic tomography, Characterizing reservoir triggered seismicity, Attenuation studies

Significant contributions

  • Establishment of Gujarat State Seismic network of 60 broadband seismographs (BBS) and 55 strong motionaccelerographs.
  • 24x7 monitoring of seismicity in near real time.
  • Source scaling laws for Kachchh region, Gujarat.
  • 1-dimensional velocity models for Kachchh, Saurashtra and Narmada regions.
  • 3-dimesional P and S wave velocity structure of the Kachchhregion.
  • Role of deep crustal fluids in the genesis of earthquakes in the intraplate Kachchh region.

Current pursuits

  • Estimation of source parameters of earthquakes in North Gujarat.
  • Teleseismic tomography of the north-western DVP.
  • Reservoir triggered seismicity studies for SSNNL.
  • Development of local magnitude scale for Kachchh region.
  • Seismological studies of Lower Subhansiri dam area, Assam.
  • Seismicity and tomography studies for Bursar project, J & K.
  • Feasibility of Earthquake Early Warning System for Kachchh Earthquakes.


Dr. Santosh Kumar (PI)

Dr. P. Mahesh (Co-PI)

Dr. A.P. Singh

Ms. Vishwa Joshi

Mr. Ketan S. Roy

Ms, Vandna Patel

Mr. A. Sateesh

Mr. Arpan Shastri

Mr. Chaitanya Kumar


Detailed geophysical and geological investigations to identify copper lead and zinc mineralization around Ambaji, Banaskantha district are in progress.

ISR has initiated a project on imaging the shallow subsurface of the Kachchh district for delineation of ground water aquifers and fresh water-saline water interface.