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Ongoing Projects

DST, GoG funded

  1. 24*7 Seismicity Monitoring of Gujarat
  2. Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS)
  3. Multi Parametric Geophysical & Geochemical Monitoring for Earthquake Precursor Study in the Kachchh Region, Gujarat
  4. Deep Seismic Sounding Profiles in Gujarat to decipher sub-surface nature of major faults and also to detect hidden faults in the region
  5. 3D Magnetotelluric study in the Kachchh region of Gujarat Seismic Array in Western India to decipher detailed structure and anisotropy
  6. Real-Time monitoring of Crustal-Deformation in Gujarat using GPS network
  7. Assessment of Mineralization in Banaskantha district within Aravallis using Joint surface and subsurface Investigations (AMBAJI)
  8. Shallow subsurface Exploration of Eastern Kachchh for Ground Water (SEEK)
  9. Rapid Online Seismic Network for Gujarat State
  10. A Study on electromagnetic earthquake precursors using long term high precision Geomagnetic measurements
  11. Human Response to Landscape Dynamics during the last 20,000 years and Future Implications
  12. Seismic Array in Western India to decipher detailed structure and anisotropy

Non-GoG (Research)

  1. Active Fault, Paleoseismic and crustal deformation in NW and Central Himalaya, India, funded by MoES
  2. Active Fault Mapping in Kachchh Basin, Western India, funded by MoES
  3. Structure, style and rates of deformation along the Himalayan Frontal Thrust (HFT) zone, northest Himalaya using an integrated geophysical and geological approach: Implications for seismic hazard scenario, funded by MoES.
  4. Development of a Cal-Val site at Desalpar in Rann of Kutch for Land and Atmosphere, funded by SAC, Ahmedabad
  5. Documentation of aqueous and paraglacial features in and around equatorial region of Mars, funded by SAC, Ahmedabad
  6. GPS GAGAN/IRNSS data analysis for Intra-Plate Geodynamic Profiling in Active Seismic Zone, funded by SAC, Ahmedabad
  7. Operational definition of seismic risk and intervention techniques for strategic buildings: an integrated system on HPC platform, funded by Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy
  8. Study the detailed mantle structure beneath Indian Ocean geoid low using seismic data, compute models to predict geoid and investigate its origin, funded by SERB
  9. Site Characterization for Seismic Hazard analysis using microtremor measurements in Saurashtra region of Western India, funded by SERB

Non-GoG (Commercial)

  1. Seismological Studies in and around SSNNL Dam, funded by SSNNL
  2. MEQ Data Processing, Interpretation and report preparation of earthquake data generated for study of Seismogenic Sources in and around Subansiri Lower HE Project, funded by NHPC
  3. Study of Geothermal Process of Gujarat using Remote sensing & Geophysical Techniques, funded by SAC, Ahmedabad
  4. Magnetotelluric Data acquisition, processing and interpretation in the NELP Block no. CB-ONN-2005/9, funded by Mercator Petroleum Ltd., Mumbai
  5. Comparative seimic hazard assessment of Mumbai and GIFT City, Gandhinagar for establishment of Disaster Recovery Sites, funded by Multi commodity Exchange of India Limited
  6. Strong Motion Investigation at SEPPL-Kutch, funded by Saurashtra Enviro Project Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Sub surface study and Seismic Hazard Assessment at Dev ni mori, funded by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited
  8. Site specific seismic hazard assessment and development of site specific ground response spectra for Ammonia Storage tanks at cosidering DSHA and PSHA at HURL Barauni Project, funded by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited
  9. Site specific seismic hazard assessment and development of site specific ground response spectra for Ammonia Storage tanks at considering DSHA and PSHA at HURL Sindri Project, funded by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited
  10. Site specific seismic study to develop site specific response spectrum at Khavda wind mill site, Kachchh (Gujarat), funded by Adani Green Energy Ltd.

MoES : Ministry of Earth Sciences

GOG : Goverment of Gujarat

DST : Department of Science and Technology

NHPC : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

SERB : Science and Engineering Research Board

SAC : Space Application Centre

SSNNL : Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited


Detailed geophysical and geological investigations to identify copper lead and zinc mineralization around Ambaji, Banaskantha district are in progress.

ISR has initiated a project on imaging the shallow subsurface of the Kachchh district for delineation of ground water aquifers and fresh water-saline water interface.