Gravity Data reduction

Gravity Data reduction

  • Latitude correction:Earth's shape: Radius of earth is 21 km greater at equator compare to pole, so g is less at equator.
  • Earth's rotation: Centrifugal acceleration reduces 'g'.

Uses of gravity prospecting:

It is mostly used in detection of subsurface geological features in exploration of oil&gas, minesl etc. This technique is also useful in mapping the bedrock topography and geological faults in subsurfaces basement.


  • ISR has started geophysical surveys for Geothermal Energy in Gujarat state. ISR has pioneered a technique of 3D MT imaging of crust. Geological faults and crustal structure have been mapped in Kachchh.
  • ISR is carrying out Multiparametric Geophysical and Geochemical studies in Kachchh for earthquake prediction research.
  • ISR has upgraded Gujarat State Seismic Network from 19 online seismic stations to 40.