Mrs. Archana Das ( Scientist - B )

Education :

  • - H.S.L.C (10th) from SEBA board in 2003 with Ist class.
  • - Higher Secondary (12th) from science in 2005 with Ist class.
  • - B.Sc. (Geology) from Gauhati University in 2008 with Ist class.
  • - M.Sc. (Geology) from The M. S. University of Baroda in 2010 with Ist class .
  • - Submitted Ph.D Thesis from KSKV Kachchh University.

Professional Experiences :

  • Project Fellow in ISRO-SAC sponsored research project, Subsurface imaging by RISAT-SAR and its geoarchaeological applications from 2011 - 2013.
  • Geologist in Institute of Seismological Research since 2013 march to 2015 December.
  • Scientist B in Institute of Seismological Research since 2016 January till present.

Achievements :

  • Awarded Best Oral presentation award at Regional Science Congress held on M. S. University of Baroda at 15th and 16th September 2012.
  • Awarded Post Graduate Grant Scheme of 1000 euro from International Association of Sedimentologist (2014) for perusing Ph.d.
  • Nominated for the Young Sedimentologist Award in International Conference on "Geosciences and Environment" & And 32 annual convention of Indian association of Sedimentologists 7-10, January, 2016. The paper presented "Geological Evidences of the Middle Holocene Higher Sea level from the Kachchh coast, Western India" by Archana Das and M. G. Thakkar.
  • Selected for AMS workshop at Inter University Accelerator Center, New Delhi during 21-13 April, 2016.

Subjects of interest :

  • Paleoclimatic and Tectonics, Land - Sea interaction, Sedimentology.
  • Geomorphology and Geomorphometry.
  • OSL Chronology and Geochemistry.

List of publication

  • Archana Das, S. P. Prizomwala, Nisarg Makwana, M. G. Thakkar (2017). Early to Late-Holocene climate and sea level changes inferred based on the tidal terrace sequences, Kachchh, western India, Palaeogeography , Palaeoclimatology , Palaeoecology 473, 82−93.
  • Archana Das, Gaurav Chauhan, S. P. Prizomwala, M. G. Thakkar and B. K. Rastogi (2016). Geomorphic Evidence and Tectonic Variability along the South Katrol Hill Fault, Kachchh, Western India: Insights from Geomorphic Indices, Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 60, 209−218.
  • Archana Das, Falguni Bhattacharya, B.K. Rastogi, Gaurav Chauhan, Mamata Ngangom, M.G. Thakkar (2016). Response of a dryland fluvial system to climate-tectonic perturbations during the Late Quaternary: Evidence from Rukmawati River basin, Kachchh, Western India, Journal of Earth System Science 125, 1119−1138.
  • S. P. Prizomwala, Archana Das, G. Chauhan, T. Solanki, N. Basavaiah, Nilesh Bhatt, M.G. Thakkar and B. K. Rastogi (2016). Late Pleistocene-Holocene terrace formation and uplift driven valley incision in Eastern Northern Hill Range, Kachchh, Western India, Journal of Asian Earth Science 124, 55–67.
  • S. P. Prizomwala, Tarun Solanki, Gaurav Chauhan, Archana Das, Nilesh Bhatt, M. G. Thakkar, B. K. Rastogi (2015). Spatial variability in Tectonic Activity along the Kachchh Mainland Fault, Kachchh, Western India: Implications in Seismic Hazard Assessment, Natural Hazards 82, 947−961.
  • Khonde, N., Maurya, D. M., Singh, A. D.,Das Archana, and Chamyal, L. S (2013). Sedimentary characteristics and foraminiferal distribution in the Bet zone of the Great Rann of Kachchh, western India, Special publication Geological Society of India No. 1, 2013, pp.1−15
  • D. M. Maurya, N. Khonde, Archana Das , V. Chowksey, and L. S. Chamyal (2013). Subsurface sediment characterization of the Great Rann of Kachchh from prelimininary textural analysis of two cores, Current Science, VOL. 104, NO. 8, 1071−1077.
  • V. Chowksey, D. M. Maurya, P. Joshi, N. Khonde, Archana Das and L. S. Chamyal (2011). Lithostratigraphic development and neotectonic significance of the Quaternary sediments along the Kachchh Mainland Fault (KMF) zone, Western India. Jour. Earth System Science, 120, 979−999.
  • Archana Das, S. P. Prizomwala, Tarun Solanki, Gaurav Chauhan, Sumer Chopra, M. G. Thakkar, Nilesh Bhatt, B. K. Rastogi (2017). Katrol Hill Fault (KHF): An underrated source of seismic hazard in Western India. Seismological Research Letter (In Review).
  • Sumer Chopra, Pallabee Choudhury, Archana Das A.P.Singh, Santosh Kumar and Rakesh Dumka (2016). Enigma of recent earthquake activity in North Cambay basin, western India. Bulletin of Seismological Society of America (In Review).

Membership :

  • Student member of International Association of Sedimentologist since 2011.
  • Member of Quaternary Research Association since 2016.

International Visits :

  • Cologne Summer School Workshop, Germany, 2016.
  • IAS meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2014.