Dr. Girish Chandra Kothyari ( Scientist - B )


  • Active fault studies/Palaeoseismology/Tectonic Geomorphology/Neotectonic/OSL Dating


  • ISR Scientist Excellence Award 2016
  • Best poster presentation award in AES-14
  • Best presentation honor on Indo-US conference on Intraplate seismicity 2012
  • Awarded Fast-Track Young Scientist award NO SR/FTP/ES-184/2010(G) of Department of Science and Technology New-Delhi 2011
  • Research Associate (RA) 8/3/2007/GCK/Estt in Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun (2007-2008).
  • CSIR SRF, 9/248(61)2K6-EMR-1 In Kumaun University Nainital 2006-2007.

list of Paper publications (brief)

  • Girish Ch. Kothyari and Khyingshing Luirei (2016) Late Quaternary tectonic landforms and fluvial aggradation in the Saryu River valley: Central Kumaun Himalaya Geomorphology 253, 491-507.
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, A.K. Shukla and Navin Juyal (2016) Reconstruction of Late Quaternary climate and seismicity using fluvial landforms in Pindar River valley, Central Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India Quaternary International. (in Press)
  • Javed N. Malik, Mahendrasinh S. Gadhavi, Girish Ch. Kothyari and Sravanthi Satuluri (2016) Paleo-earthquake signatures from the South Wagad Fault (SWF), Wagad Island, Kachchh, Gujarat, western India: A potential seismic hazard Journal of Structural Geology. (in Press)
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, B. K. Rastogi, P. Murthekai and Rakesh K Dumka (2016). Active Faulting and OSL Chronology of active Gedi Fault, Eastern Kachchh, India. Tectonophysics.670, 115-126.)
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, B. K. Rastogi, P. Murthekai, Rakesh K Dumka and Sunil R Kandregula (2016). Active segmentation assessment of the tectonically active South Wagad Fault in Kachchh, Western Peninsular India Geomorphology. (in Press)
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, Rakesh Dumka, A. P. Singh, Gaurav Chauhan, M. G. Thakkar, S. K. Biswas (2016). Tectonic evolution and stress pattern of South Wagad Fault at the Kachchh Rift Basin in western India. Geological magazine. (in Press)
  • Khayingshing Luirei, Surendra S. Bhakuni and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2015) Drainage response to active tectonics and evolution of tectonic geomorphology across the Himalayan Frontal Thrust, Kumaun Himalaya Geomorphology. (in Press)
  • Binita Phartiyal, Randheer Singh and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2015) Sedimentary architecture and geomorphic evolution during Late-Quaternary in theTangtse valley, Ladakh Himalaya, NW India Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology. (in Press)
  • Khayingshing Luirei, Surendra S. Bhakuni, Girish Ch. Kothyari, Kavita Tripathi and P. D. Pant (2016) Quaternary extensional and compressional tectonics revealed from Quaternary landforms along Kosi River valley, outer Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, Uttarakhand International Journal of Earth Science 105:965-981.
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, B. K. Rastogi, Rakesh K. Dumka and Mukesh Chauhan (2015) Secondary surface deformation along the Bharudia/ North Wagad Fault Zone in Kachchh rift basin, western India. "Deformacao superficial secundaria ao longo da Zona de Falha de Bharudia/Wagad Norte, na bacia de rifte Kachchh, oeste da India Comunicacoes Geologicas 102, 1, 29-37
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari (2014). Morphometric analysis of tectonically active Pindar and Saryu River basins: Central Kumaun Himalaya. Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie.(In Press)
  • Binital Phartiyal, Anupan Sharma and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2013) Existence of Late Quaternary and Holocene lakes along the River Indus in Ladakh Region of Trans Himalaya, NW India: implications to climate and tectonics. Chinese Science Bulletin 58, 142-155.
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari and Navin Juyal, (2013). Implications of fossil valleys and associated epigenetic gorges in parts of Central Himalaya. Current science 104 1, 383-388
  • S.S. Bhakuni, Khyingshing Luirei and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2013). Neotectonic Fault in the middle part of Lesser Himalaya, Arunachal Himalaya: a study based on structural and morphotectonic analyses. Himalayan Geology. 34 (1), 57-64.
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, P. D. Pant and Khyingshing Luirei (2012) Landslides and Neotectonic activities in the Main Boundary Thrust (MBT) zone: Southeastern Kumaun Uttarakhand India. Journal of the Geological Society of India 80, 101-110.
  • B K Rastogi, Santosh Kumar, Sandeep K. Aggrawal, Kapil Mohan, Nagabhushan Rao, Girish Ch. Kothyari (2012) The October 21, 2011 Mw Talala Earthquake in the Stable Continent. Natural Hazard. (in Press)
  • Falguni Bhattacharya, B.K. Rastogi and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2012) Morphometric evidence of seismicity around Wagad and Gedi Faults, eastern Kachchh, Gujarat, India. Journal of Geological Society of India JGSI-D-11-00189R1
  • Binita Phartiyal and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2011) Impact of Neotectonics on drainage network evolution reconstructed from morphometric indices: case study from NW Indian Himalaya, Zeitschrift fur Geomorphology 55 (3).
  • Imtiwapang Aier, Khayingshing Luirei, S.S. Bhakuni, Glenn T. Thong and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2011) Geomorphic evolution of Medziphema Intermontane Basin and Quaternary deformation in the Schuppen Belt, Nagaland, NE India Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, 55 (2) 247-265
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari, P. D. pant, Moulishree Joshi Khyingshing Luirei and Javed N. Malik (2010). Active faulting and deformation of Quaternary Landform Sub Himalaya, India. Geochrnometria, 37, 63-71.
  • Maulishree Joshi and Girish Ch. Kothyari (2010) Assessment of tectonic activity in a seismically locked segment of Himachal Himalaya International Journal of Remote Sensing V 31 (3) PP 681-689.
  • Moulishree Joshi, Girish Ch. Kothyari, A. D. Ahluvalia and P. D. Pant (2010) Neotectonic Evidences of Rejuvenation in Kaurik-Chango Fault zone, Northwestern Himalaya. Jour. Geog, Info, Sys., 2, 176-183.
  • Girish Ch. Kothyari (2010). Quaternary Reactivation of North Almora Thrust (NAT) in Central Kumaun Implication to Neotectonic Rejuvination, Lesser Himalaya Uttaranchal Ph. D Thesis, 2008, Published LIMBERT Publication House Germany No. 9783-8383-71406-2

List of Ongoing Project

  • MOES project on Active Fault Mapping of Western Segment of Kachchh Mainland Fault (KMF) and Gedi Fault (GF), Kachchh, Gujarat MoES/P.O.(Seismo)/1(270)/AFM/2015.
  • MOES project on Active Fault Investigation of Intermontane Basin between Beas and Satluj rivers of Himachal Sub-Himalaya MoES/P.O.(Seismo)/1(271)/AFM/2015.


  • ISR has started geophysical surveys for Geothermal Energy in Gujarat state. ISR has pioneered a technique of 3D MT imaging of crust. Geological faults and crustal structure have been mapped in Kachchh.
  • ISR is carrying out Multiparametric Geophysical and Geochemical studies in Kachchh for earthquake prediction research.
  • ISR has upgraded Gujarat State Seismic Network from 19 online seismic stations to 40.